Publications for Filing Your Taxes This Year

Publications for Filing

The tax filing season is upon us! Are you preparing to file your taxes? Look to these IRS Publications for Filing your taxes this year.

Taxpayers should review two IRS publications available on that can help them be ready and keep organized with tax planning recommendations for the entire year. “Stay Smart About Taxes” and “Your Guide to Free Tax Filing.” Individuals and families who haven’t already done so should start gathering their documents and other papers they’ll need to complete their federal tax return for 2021 as soon as possible.

Publications for Filing
Publications for Filing

People who are preparing their own tax returns can use a few basic tips for staying on track and avoiding common errors. Taxpayers can find one of the publications by searching “Free File,” the IRS’s free online tax preparation service, in the Publications section of; or go directly to at and search for “Free File.” Tax Strategies for Individuals can also be ordered by calling 800-829-3676.

The IRS also provides many other tips and tools to help people during this year’s tax filing season, including interactive tools on such as the free “My Money” smartphone app that can help people get answers to their tax questions and learn about new tax laws.

In addition, the IRS urges taxpayers to check out Publication 17, which has information on preparing a tax return. It also includes a calendar of important dates related to taxes and tax forms. The publication is available in English and Spanish, and can be found on the IRS website. These publications point out opportunities and offer strategies related to taxes, small businesses, retirement planning, charitable giving and more.

The new Publication 5348 has information about getting ready to file your taxes. And Publication 5349 is a guide to planning for tax filing throughout the year. Getting your status right, habits of maintaining documents, and a checklist of items you will need.

How to file your taxes for free in 2021
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