What’s New In TurboTax

As the tax season approaches, it’s time learn about all of the new features included in the #1 tax preparation software, TurboTax 2011. Whether you have real estate investments, rental properties, mutual funds or just a simple tax return; TurboTax has a version to fit your needs.

What’s new with TurboTax 2011?
New features include, but are not limited to, expert advice via online chat or by phone. They also include a guide to take you step by step through your return, and make it easy to navigate to any section.

Two more features that can make your return much easier, especially if you used TurboTax in the past is the ability to easily import last year’s data, and secondly if you work for a participating company, you can simply import your 1099 and W2 information.

Deduction Finder
TurboTax covers all available deductions and the TurboTax Premier, Deluxe and Home & Business versions will guide you through every potential deduction for your return, so you will not have to worry about missing something.

Audit Risk Meter
TurboTax offers an Audit Risk Meter beginning with the Deluxe version, that will let you know if you are a high risk and makes suggestions for changes you can make to reduce your risk of being audited.

Free E-File
Included in the cost of its software, turbo Tax has free federal e-filing which makes filing your return fast and you could have your refund in as little as eight days. Many consumers have their refund directly deposited into a checking account or you can choose to have TurboTax deposit your return to a prepaid Visa.

Investments & TurboTax Premier Edition
If you have bought and/or sold a good many investments in 2011 or own rental properties, The Premier Edition includes some helpful features for you that could be worth the extra money, especially if you own rental property. It can also guide you through all of the tax implications and the depreciation calculations can be indispensable.

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