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The 2012 tax season continues for some that have not filed their returns. An individual cannot avoid playing taxes and needs to estimate a payment and supply that estimated amount to the IRS by the deadline. Since no one can avoid playing their taxes, thy need to look for ways to lower the score the IRS achieves against them. The TurboTax software package for 2012 can help someone achieve a lower tax liability.

The software from TurboTax Intuit helps a taxpayer organize his/her information in a way that makes sense. It cannot help someone who has not entered the information into the computer yet, but there are devices that can help with this type of organization as well. Scanners with the right software (OCR) can help someone scan the receipts and arrange them in a fashion that makes sense. Once he/she has everything ready to complete their yearly taxes, they can plug the numbers into the TurboTax software.

Although many individuals filed their taxes months ago, not everyone makes the deadline. If the tax payer files an extension, he buys himself extra time to file the actual return. The extensions do not last indefinitely. Someone needs to get a return filed by the final deadline date to avoid additional penalties. It may not help him avoid an audit later, but it can greatly reduce his chances according to several studies.

Anyone who has used TurboTax software knows exactly what to expect from it. The programmers know how to make it as easy as possible for the consumer. They have nearly three decades of experience in making sure that their program conforms to the complicated tax codes of the United States.

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