Review For TurboTax

Tax season is coming up very soon. Currently on the market, the country’s #1 most popular tax-prep software is TurboTax 2011. I’ve personally been a consistent user of turbo Tax for years and I’ve done reviews on an number of TurboTax versions over the years.

TurboTax is likely the most popular tax preparation software on the market. It’s also probably the best. According to my experience, it is the best. Each year there are improvements that make the software better than before.

We really test out all aspects of turbo Tax with or tax returns. We have to deal with itemizing deductions, self employment, and depreciating real estate investments – complicated things. I believe TurboTax is the best software out there for filing taxes. Take a look at the new features added to the software for the 2011 tax year.

There a some new features that in TurboTax. This year, you get free one-on-one tax advice! So, you can call a tax specialist or chat with one online. Turbotax has gotten even more easy to use than a few years ago.

This software is also very straightforward. It has plain and simple explanations, instead of high language packed with jargon that makes you feel like you should have gone to a tax preparation office instead of trying to do it yourself.

TurboTax also gives a free e-file with its software. It makes filing easier and speeds up your tax refund. With the e-file you can get your refund in as few as 8 days!

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