Filing For Bankruptcy In Phoenix

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Seal of the United States bankruptcy court. Church of Scientology attorney Steven Hayes bought rights to the Cult Awareness Network assets during its bankruptcy proceedings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Filing For Bankruptcy In Phoenix

If you have made the big financial decision to file for bankruptcy, one of the Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers can help you. Most lawyers specializing in this field, including The Frutkin Law Firm, and Bennett Parker PLC offer a free initial consultation, allowing you to determine if bankruptcy is right for you.

Medical bills are the cause of most bankruptcies in the US, and your unpaid medical bills, credit card bills and other loans will be wiped out once you file. Most people look upon bankruptcy as a chance to start afresh, and it is also an opportunity to rebuild your credit. Your creditors also have to stop calling you asking for payments, and you do not have to worry about being sued for non payment or having your wages garnished.

However, your all important credit score is going to suffer once you have filed for bankruptcy, and the filing will remain on your credit report for up to 10 years. Although it is unlikely to happen, your friends, family and people you work with can find out about your bankruptcy, as it becomes a matter of public record. However, for millions of people, it is the only realistic option and if this move is one that you are planning, the expertise of an experienced attorney can be invaluable.Filing For Bankruptcy In Phoenix

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