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Why People Use Instant Tax Refunds

People often need a break from their stressful and busy lives. It is nice to get away for a while to unwind. This can be a clear possibility with a same day tax refund. The money received can be used to finance a trip. Even a small excursion is worth the recouped energy levels that will be gained.

People that want to plan a last minute adventure can fund their travel with instant tax refunds. This is a great way to celebrate a year of work. This is also a terrific option if your vacation time happens to fall prior to the expected date of your tax refund receipt. There is no end to the possibilities of where to go.

It is often fun to take a longer journey and stop by places along the way. This is a wonderful way to see some beautiful out of the way places in the world. A bus trip is often fun, as there is no worry about driving. A person can just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Someone else is responsible for the driving. Other people love to fly to their destinations. This is a much quicker route to get to where you are going. Soaring above the clouds can be an awesome experience. This option also allows people to see places that are farther away. It is great that a refund can finance different opportunities.

A popular choice is to travel by cruise ship. There are many various journeys to embark on. The type of cruise should fit the personalities of the people traveling. Keep in mind that these arrangements may have to be booked well in advance. Some cruises are geared towards family pursuits. These would be recommended for those who have children. Others are more suited for the adventurous sort. It is astounding how many options there are in cruise lines today.

Take some time to plan your trip. Even last minute details can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of the vacation. There are some travel websites that offer prospective travelers a glimpse of their planned journey. The extra cash from tax refunds can provide the funding for the extra costs of an already planned trip.  I do urge you though not to wait until the last minute to plan your trip or you may get frustrated due to it being overwhelming. Read the info below if you want a instant refund today.

Visit to learn about the instant tax refunds that they offer to their customers. You could be taking a trip a few days after applying for a same day tax refund.

Tax Considerations for Divorced Parents with Joint Child Custody

When you have children, the divorce process can be very complex. Not only do you need to decide who the children live with and when, but you also must determine who is responsible for paying what. One issue that often gets overlooked in favor of the all-important child custody agreement is the issue of how to handle claims on your tax forms come tax season. Here are some tax considerations for divorced parents with joint child custody:

Get it in writing. Of course, you know that claiming dependents on your tax returns comes with benefits, in the form of credits and deductions. Therefore, if you share joint custody with your ex-spouse, it is a good idea to establish who gets to claim the children (and thus reap the tax benefits) by outlining it in the divorce decree and/or the custody agreement. This is where having a good family lawyer becomes very important.

Child support versus alimony. It is important that you understand what counts toward your income when it comes time to file your taxes. Basically, child support does not count as a form of income, while alimony payments do, and must be reported. Alimony (or spousal support) must be included in tax forms as taxable income by the person who receives it, and can be written off as a deduction by the person who pays it. Child support, on the other hand, is neither taxable nor deductible.

Child care credit. If you or your ex-spouse pays for all, or even a portion of, the child care, then a child care credit will be up for grabs when it comes time to file taxes. Therefore, you and your ex will need to work out who gets either the whole credit, or a portion of it, when you draw up the divorce agreement. You can’t both claim it on your tax forms, so the dispersal will need to take place outside of the tax filing process. Again, get this in writing.

When you can and can’t change your filing status. If you were married for more than half of the year and either you or your ex-spouse can claim the other on your tax forms, then you won’t be able to each claim head of household (and the right to the child tax benefits). If this is the case, then you and your ex need to discuss which status you will file, as well as how you will go about splitting the child tax credit portion of your refund.

As you can see, child custody after a divorce can greatly complicate the tax filing process. Follow these suggestions to simplify tax season.

About the Author: Kurt Claro is a fiannce consultant who often works with divorced couples to figure out everything from who will pay for rent and phone services to who will pay for a child’s clothing. It’s not an easy task, but the fact that two people are even willing to sit down for a conversation always makes the process a little easier.

Retirement Planning Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Retirement planning can be difficult, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting started. However, you do have to be careful. After all, there are many mistakes people make with their retirement planning. Whether it’s starting too late or not regularly reassessing your portfolio, things can go wrong. Here are just a few retirement planning mistakes you don’t want to make.

Starting Too Late

People don’t usually start thinking about retirement until their 30s or 40s. However, you are missing out on thousands of dollars by not starting your portfolio as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if you can’t invest a lot of money, you still need to get started. Even if you’re only able to invest $1,000 a year for the first 5 years, that’s still $5,000 plus any gain you earn through your investments.

Not Investing Enough

You need to invest as much as possible. The exact amount you can invest will depend on which type of methods you use. For example, if you have a traditional IRA, you will only be able to invest $5,000 a year. However, you should do everything possible to meet that amount. Not only does this cut down on the amount of taxes you have to pay, but that money will really add up over the years.

Using Only One Method

There are a number of retirement funding options and you have the ability to take advantage of more than one. For example, if you have a 401(k) through your employer, you can also get an IRA. Other options include real estate investing, bank bonds, and precious metals. A diverse portfolio will help ensure your retirement dreams come true.

Taking Loans From Your Retirement Account

It’s true that you can take loans from your 401(k) and IRA. However, that’s not always the best idea, especially if you don’t plan to pay yourself back. You should only touch this money in the worst emergencies or if you plan to pay yourself back, which will require paying interest to yourself.

Not Regularly Reassessing Your Portfolio

Things change. That’s why you must reassess your portfolio from time to time. You want to make sure that your stocks are still doing well and you may even need to switch from high risk to low risk stocks as you get closer to retirement.

Retirement planning can be difficult at times and there are a number of mistakes people make. However, it’s important that you take the leap so that you can retire in comfort rather than working throughout your golden years.

About the Author: Celeste Perman is currently a retirement planning advisor who hopes to one day transition into full-time trading through Suretrader or some other investment group. She plans on starting some courses on investment and business in the next month.

The Pros and Cons of Filing Your Tax Return Early

Some people can’t wait to file their tax returns. They are the lucky ones, who anticipate a refund. Others dread tax season every year, and want to put off the knowledge of how much they owe the IRS for as long as possible. In these contrasting situations, it is easy to see why some people would want to file their tax returns early, and why others would want to wait. But are there advantages to filing early, in general? Or are there drawbacks? If you find yourself considering the possibilities of both, then these pros and cons of filing your tax returns early should help.


Faster refunds. As previously mentioned, people expecting refunds may want to file early. Why? Because a faster refund means having access to much-needed (or wanted) cash earlier. That’s simple enough.

Getting the monkey off the back. Even if you expect a refund, actually gathering the documentation and filling out the paperwork can be a source of apprehension. Getting it over and out of the way can ease your tax season tension, pronto.

Finding tax professionals. Because many people choose to wait until the last minute to file their taxes (and because many employers get 1099s and W-2s out at the last minute) it is a good idea to file early if you are prepared to. This way, you can avoid clamoring for the attention and services of a tax preparer when then clock is ticking down.

If you owe money. Filing early means you know exactly what you owe the IRS even sooner. This allows you more time to prepare for that big payment, or to make arrangements to pay it over time. When it comes to paying bills, the general consensus is that the more time we have to pay them, the better. Right?


Missing amendments. Some amendments to tax law come out late in the tax season. Therefore, if you file early, you may miss out on pertinent changes that could alter your tax returns, which may require that you file extra forms to amend your taxes.

Parting with your money sooner, rather than later. If you are one who is considering filing early to pay your tax burden early, then you might want to reconsider. Think about what that money could be doing for you if you held on to it a little bit longer, as opposed to handing it over to the IRS.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when it comes to filing your taxes early. Is it for you? Read over these pros and cons and decide for yourself.

About the Author: Bernetta Ladden finds tax time to be stressful. After she meets with her accountant she enjoys relaxing with the oolong tea blend she loves. In her spare time she can be found searching for another great blend.