A Look At Free Tax Filing Opportunities

Free 2012 Tax Filing

There is not much that people can get for free these days. Hardly anyone would think of ‘free’ and ‘taxes’ in the same sentence either. Still, it turns out there are free 2012 tax filing opportunities.

This is an ongoing trend: offering free tax filing software to consumers so they reduce their paper consumption, simplify the process, and locate potential tax rebates. The software is offered by the IRS, whose website indicates that almost anyone is eligible to use their free programs. Only one criterion prevents certain consumers: their computers must be secure enough to engage in this form of filing.

Those consumers who do not have access to a computer could look out for locations which offer free use of tax filing computers. Many have been sponsored by the IRS, and there could be help available to less computer literate individuals at these sites as well.

Otherwise, a person earning something just below the taxable threshold or a major investor are both eligible to use the system. More software is available for free if a person earns less than a certain amount yearly. Apart from the IRS, a number of other institutions also offer free 2012 tax filing. One advantage is that consumers get their returns in on time. Offering computer software is one way to encourage prompt returns.

If your returns are complicated, it might be that you still need to hire someone. Then again, someone who is experienced in filing taxes will find the process is even simpler online.

A Look At Free Tax Filing Opportunities by
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